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243 Winchester for sale

243 Winchester for sale .There may not be any rifle more fun to shoot than a .22; they’re like the potato chips of the firearms world: once you fire it, you can’t stop. The very first .22LR originated in 1857 thanks to Smith and Wesson as a step above the Flobert BB Cap of 1845. It’s low-cost, has really no recoil, and hardly makes a sound. It’s used by the Boy Scouts to earn their rifle merit badge and is understandably the most popular plinking round in the entire country. When it comes to .22LR, nobody can get enough.

243 winchester ammo

Winchester is a bit like .22LR ammunition; they’ve been around since the mid-1800’s, and they’re an American favorite. 36 grain is really the most common weight for .22LR and although it is small compared to large calibers, it’s actually right in the middle for this caliber. These rounds have a muzzle velocity of 1,280, so they’ll get there quick. And as CPHP, they have copper plating to give them a non-corrosive finish and will expand upon impact. These are great .22LR rounds, easy on your gun and fairly clean as well.

243 winchester ballistics

This ammunition is just what you need for target practice and plinking. It’s a fantastic caliber for teaching your kids about firearms and also great for new adult shooters. And, of course, it’s just plain fun for all of us. There are 333 rounds in this box, and really, that’s just a good start when it comes to .22LR. Order a few boxes and keep your rifle well-fed. Go ahead; don’t you deserve to have some fun? we also offer many other services also shipment is world wide no documents are inclusively need shop with us today and be happy for long Online from us safely and discretely.Our shipping is 100% discrete and we ship out top quality products only worldwide.


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